lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

A President of One latin-american country talking about Software

I was checking a project called Plan 9, that is operatyn system, when i see a link of , when i clicked i hope to see projects having a open-source licensing but not, its a community that promotes its kind of projects , when i see another interesting link, that ,President Lula in the FISL 10 (festival of free software), The speech of President Lula is so great, its compare the free software as dinner, its say is easy to eat the diner but hard to prepared it, i have heard´ (in youtube of course) ,read telling that properity software offers a better solution cause its cost its less than the free ones, cause you dont have to pay people to learn a technology, but what Lula says its a great respond to that thinking. He says that He dint like a lot the comunnist, that he would like to build new things acoording whit the toughts of youn people like him, and the open sotfware is a new idea that will help to improve their quality of life. In his speech tells how the goverment has been trying to promote the education in his country and the open source is a bettter way to do it. In the next link there is a part of the speech , in this other there is the complete part