martes, 3 de enero de 2012

is these philosophie or programing topic

Im following a tutorial from codeacademy about javascript and found a topic very interesting the world of philosphie and basic knowledge in programming here is

In JavaScript, there are 6 "falsy" values (values that evaluate to false):

false, null, undefined, 0, "" (the empty string), and NaN

Anything else evaluates to true.

Michel Foucault says that there is not true about knowlege in the life, it is building with the time and the role that people play about certain object. So with the history is building the knowlege until for the last generation a knowlege is teached as the true thing. In progamming first you have to know that certains value return true not because its a true indepent of human knowlege just because many people say hey , these is going to be truee so like Foucault says Knowlege is builded.

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