martes, 16 de agosto de 2016

Vim Cheat Sheet

Here is my Vim Cheat Sheet, now that im learning the MEAN stack, i think VIM fills for the perfect ide tool. Im learning with Cloud 9 ide, it has a vim mode.  this vim cheat sheet is not too explaining , but it is a shortcut reminder for myself, of the tutorial i took here . I strongly recommend you to spend the short course, with just 30 minutes you will be using vim as semi pro user.

k = UP KEY 
w = goes to the beginning of the next word 
e = goes to the end of the next word 
b = goes to the earlier word 

NUMBER+ i + text = inserta N veces el texto 

f + Character = find a character
NUMBER + f + Character = find the n concurrence of the character, 3fH  HHH goest to last H

0 zero = goes to first character  of the line
$ goes to the last character of the line

  • * = find the next word of the current word of the cursor
# find the previous word of the current word of the cursor

gg =goes to first character  of the file
G=goes to the last character of the file
/+text = search for the text
n = next text of searched
N = previous text of searched
o = Insert a new line in next line of cursor
O = insert a  new line in previous line of cursor
x = delete next Character
X = delete previous Character
r = replace one Character
d= delete a word 
. = repeats last command 
u= undo

control + r = undo the undo

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