miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms Book First Edition

I have been playing with Xamarin for a while. Now that I have decided to become a Xamarin developer, I have started the ebook  "Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms Book First Edition" . The first chapter gives you intro to the problem when you want to have your app  in different plataform, I think , as you know, Xamarin let you to writte code and deployed to IOS , Android and windows phone , and with the help with Xamarin.Form framework, help you to to code just one and deploy to desire devices.

Here you will be familiar with the term App, that is the main entry of a Xamarin application, this class has  a property called MainPage, as you imagine, set the page you will see in  the mobile application.

What I have learned from this easy but good introduction to Xamarin.Form, is that with the ios implementation, when you have  a content page, and you dont have a navigation tab, the contenpage intrude with the status bar. To avoid this, you have to add a padding of 20 units pixels on top of the contentpage class of you main page.

If you already have follow some tutorial on Xamarin, you can skip this chapter if you have already follow some xamarin tutorial on internet. If not, this is a great start to start to learning xamarin.

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